Using fake pee for drug test 2016

You could locate a great deal of evidence online that fake pee does work, however, the successful result generally depends upon the correct usage of the item prior to and during fake pee for drug test 2016.


When getting ready for the test, you should keep it as cozy as the genuine human urine, which is normally warmed up by the body. Normally, the temperature of human urine is about 94 ° F -96 ° F( 35 ° C). The acceptable range of the urine temperature for the drug test (which is gauged throughout the first 4 mins) is 90 ° F -100 ° F (32 ° C– 38 ° C). Anything beyond will occur uncertainty.the fake pee for drug test 2016

The very best means to warm up the fake pee is to put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds. The tricky thing right here is not too warm the urine to the abnormally high temperature. To prevent this, make use of a temperature level stick on the container and keep in mind that way too much warm will certainly make your urine sample void.

Using hand warmers is a safer way to maintain correct temperature level of the urine. You just need to wrap the container with the fluid into the hand warmer. Much better to use one that maintains heat within the needed time variety, since others might cool off after time.

Some people prefer to maintain urine warm using the warm of their very own body, which is likewise possible. You just should put plastic container near the cozy part of your body – it can be your armpit, inside underclothing or anywhere else you choose.


The following action is to utilize the formerly prepared fake pee to replace your example without being observed. The most effective means to do this is to use fake pee belt kit. It includes the flexible belt that is comfortably put on around the waistline and also stretched to the required extent, a container with the urine, warmth pads as well as the syringe that will certainly help you easily fill and also fill up the container. The set is likewise outfitted with the television running the bag which can be cut to the appropriate length you require. Male users generally put on the kit placing urine bag against their abdominal area, while female place it versus their back. After you have placed the kit and cut the tube to the ideal size you simply undo the clips and also allow the urine flow out.

In the case of a supervised drug test for males, there is a unique Whizzinator Touch package that includes prosthetic penis with the affixed container for fake pee. To release the circulation, you simply should press the head of the penis. Pressing will certainly open up the shut off allowing the urine off. The package is also equipped with the security switch to avoid unexpected spill off the urine.

Fake pee can be easily hidden, particularly in cases when an individual is not monitored during the test. The important point to keep in mind is that unlike genuine pee, synthetic urine sheds its temperature level very promptly after it has actually been poured, so you have to fast. Synthetic urine has the same residential or commercial properties (look as well as smell) as the natural one as well as can be safely used as a substitute.